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2014 Mule Sale
Jessie- 15 hands, 15 years old, red sorrel molly mule. A really good hunting and packing mountain mule with lots of experience and very gentle.


Cheeseburger- A 15.2 hand, 7 year old john mule. Cheeseburger is a really broke saddle mule. He will fit any level rider, he is used to being around cattle and a rope.


Jelly Bean- a 14.3 hand, 8 year old bay molly mule. Jelly Bean is an extremely gentle saddle mule that anybody can ride. She will pack anything you tie on her.


Pearl- 15.1 hand, 8 year old palomino molly mule. Pearl is broke to ride and pack, she is really nice to handle and be around. She is very safe to be around.
Maggie- 15.1 hand, 14 year old sorrel molly mule. A very experienced mountain mule. Maggie will pack most anything and she is gentle and safe.
Sarah- a 14.2 hand, 15 year old bay molly mule. She is a nicely broke saddle mule. Sarah is a babysitter, anybody can ride her from grandma to the grandkids. Sarah packs just as well.
John Denver- 14.2 hand, 6 year old gray john mule. John has a good start both riding and packing but mostly riding. He is a good nice, gentle mule and is awesome to handle.
Ann- 15 hand, 10 year old red roan molly mule. Ann has been used extremely on a ranch. Roping, gathering, and doctoring cattle. Ann has a ton of miles on her riding fence and packing.


Jack- 5 year old, 14.2 hand red/white stocking legs john mule. Jack has been started both riding and packing. He is a very gentle mule.
Marbles- 14.2 hand, 14 year old appy molly mule. An outstanding hinting mule, both trail riding and packing. She will fit anybody
Cloud- 12 years old; rides and packs. Anyone can ride this reliable John mule
Little Bear- A 12 year old John mule. Experienced rider; drives and packs. Great looks!
Peaches- 9 year old molly mule. Rides and packs; walks out and very sharp looking
 April is a 5 year old, big good looking dark chestnut molly mule. She has been packed on a few times and has a few rides on her as well. She is easy to catch and get along with. She isn't spoiled or sour. She will make a great mule with a little more time.
 Sara is a 17 year old dun molly mule. A real nice family mule that has been ridden and packed all over the back country of the Northwest. A great beginner mule for new mule owners.
Ole is an 8 year old sorrel john mule. He was broke to drive by the Amish in Iowa. She has spent the last 13 years packing anything and everything in the Sierra mountains of California.
Frankie is a 12 year old dark grey and white paint john mule. He has ben packed a lot in the back county of Idaho. He is gentle and very easy to get along with
Frank- 14.2 hand, 14 year old bay john mule.
Jessy- 14.2 hand 13 year old bay john mule.
Fran and Jessy are full brothers and a full driving team. Jessy is broke to ride and frank is broke to pack and has been in over 100 parades. They are a good solid team
Jill- 6 year old, 14.2 hand red/white paint molly mule. Jill has 30 days riding and packing on her. Jill will make somebody a very nice mule.
Earl - 12 year old ride pack ranch mule. Rides good and will do any job you ask of him
Flirt - 9 year old buckskin molly mule. Great all around saddle mule. Works cattle, ropes and games.
Molly - 7 year old pack mule. Great looking molly mule, has some riding but needs an experienced rider. A very nice mule to be around.
Big John - 10 year old pack mule. Little riding, has experience in the mountains packing! He's 15.2 hands.
Kitty is a 9 year old Molly mule that anybody can ride and pack anything. She has spent 3 seasons in the Frank Church Wilderness. She has several miles on her this year and walks right out when you're riding her.
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